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We are RC3M

Logo "Made in France"

The RC3M team, with 15 years of experience in industrial optimization, advises you and provides you with customized solutions, based on standard elements.

Our product range has the solution to any of your problems of industrial transit, storage and line-side layout through its catalogue of handling rollers, industrial conveyors (gravity or motorized), roller rails, pebble rails and storage and work carts for operators.

All our handling rollers and industrial conveyors are of French design and manufacture. With its 2 plants located in France, RC3M offers modular handling solutions and kit to assemble yourself with an assembly instructions. RC3M can propose an assembly service on your site depending on your production constraints.

The RC3M team can also help you optimize your productivity by an analyzing of all your feeds (value stream mapping type) and offering you continuous improvement solutions.

A specific project?

Use our need identification form, file your plans and get a detailed offer through RC3M
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