Gravitational conveyors

Gravity roller conveyor

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Economical and flexible solution!! 

Gravitational roller conveyor to mount yourself: 

  • Chassis length: modules of 1.5 / 2 or 3 meters junctionable  for longer lengths
  • Useful conveyor width: 150mm to 1500mm, at your convenience
  • Choice of rollers: PVC, steel, stainless steel, with coating, ...
  • Chassis pierced with "No" of 33mm, or "No"  between possible rollers: 33, 66, 99, 132, ... 
  • Eligible expenses: 20kg to 80kg/ml
  • Adjustable height - 170mm
  • Galvanized or INOX or painted steel frame (RAL at your convenience) thickness 20/10, 25/10 or 30/10
  • Quick assembly of conveyors with instructions
  • Convoys made entirely in France
  • Short delivery times
  • Option: side guidance, stop, swivel wheels with brake 
Convoyeurs gravitaires à rouleaux PVC et acier Made in France


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